Child Care Aware® of North Dakota is a program
of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota.

Training Requirements

The First Three Months All North Dakota licensed child care operators and employees are required to complete a 15-hour Basic Child Care course within the first three months of becoming licensed/employed. This training counts toward their annual training hour requirements.

First Aid/CPR training must be completed prior to being licensed/employed. Annual recertification is required. First Aid/CPR training hours do not count toward annual training hour requirements.

Annual Training Hours Requirements Child care operators/employees must complete a minimum number of approved training hours annually. The number of training clock hours needed depends on license type and number of hours worked.

License Type
Provider/Director Training
Staff Work Hours
Staff Training

Family License
9 clock hrs./year
- - -

Group License
10 clock hrs./year

30 to 40 hr/week
8 clock hrs./year

20 to 30 hr./week
6 clock hrs./year

10 to 20 hr./week
4 clock hrs./year

< 10 hr/week
2 clock hrs./year

Center License
13 clock hrs./year

30 to 40 hr/week
13 clock hr./year

20 to 30 hr./week
11 clock hrs./year

10 to 20 hr./week
9 clock hrs./year

< 10 hr/week
7 clock hrs./year

Visit the Child Care Aware® of North Dakota Training Center to search and register for a vast variety of training opportunities.