Child Care Aware® of North Dakota is a program
of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota.

Interactions with Children & Guiding Behavior

Children are happier and feel more secure when caregivers are sensitive to their needs and guide their behaviors using a variety of positive direct/indirect methods. Here are some things to consider as you interact with children:

  • Be Positive and Respectful

    Children learn through watching others. Use positive "this instead of this" guidance to direct children's behaviors. Remember to address the behavior or situation and not label the child.

  • Modify the Environment

    The set up of the care environment guides children's behaviors, give them cues on what is appropriate, helps them make smooth transitions and directs the way they play and interact with others.

  • Regular Communication with Parents and Families

    Communicate with families on a regular basis. Get input from them regarding changes at home that might affect behavior. Discuss areas of concern and talk about cooperative strategies to manage problems when they occur.

Ways to Address Challenging Behaviors

Helping young children regulate their behavior takes time and patience. Children need guidance from caring adults who can help them learn ways to stop, assess the situation, express feelings and manage their behaviors in a positive way. Information on the most common behavior guidance topics is listed below. Contact your regional Child Care Aware® Consultant if you have specific questions and or need information about guiding other behaviors.

Training Recommendation

Visit the Child Care Aware® of North Dakota Training Center to search and register for training related to ND Core Competency: Interactions with Children & Guiding Behaviors.