Child Care Aware® of North Dakota is a program
of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota.

Assessment and Planning for Individuals Needs

Assessment is the process of collecting information, organizing your thoughts about and reflecting on a child’s strengths, challenges, skills, interests, etc. in order to obtain a better understanding. Early care and education professionals utilize assessment to understand children’s needs, what kinds of experiences to provide for them, how to arrange spaces, what types of equipment to provide, and how to engage children in relationships.

Assessment begins with the process of collecting information through observation, work samples, videos, pictures, and family input. Assessment is a continuous activity. Assess children’s learning processes by watching how they react, listening to them as they respond, asking them questions, and basically “NOTICING”.

However, if you don’t LOOK FOR specific skills and abilities in objective and developmentally appropriate ways, you may miss important pieces that you didn’t know; that you didn’t know!

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Developmental Milestones of Children

Training Recommendation

Visit the Child Care Aware® of North Dakota Training Center to search and register for training related to ND Core Competency:Assessment & Planning for Individual Needs.