Child Care Aware® of North Dakota is a program
of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota.

Working with Your Child Care Provider

Children benefit when parents and providers have a good working relationship. Choosing a child care provider that fits your needs and expectations is a good first step. You can build a successful parent/provider relationship by practicing two-way communication, establishing shared goals and developing mutual trust and respect.

Help Them Get to Know Your Child

  • Create a visual "Get to Know Me" diagram

    Place a picture of your child in the middle of the page along with your child's name and age. Draw lines from the outer edges of the picture and list or illustrate different categories, such as favorite foods or favorite activities.

  • Share photos and stories.

    Help your provider get to know your child by sharing stories about family rituals or photos of them doing favorite activities.

  • Talk about what hopes you have for your child while in child care

    and discuss ways you can both work toward common goals.

  • Become a Parent Volunteer

    Get involved by helping with field trips or sharing a skill. Your involvment shows your provider that you care about what they do and helps to enrich your child's experience.

Communicate with your provider on a regular basis

  • Take time to engage in daily communication

    • Verbal communication when children are dropped off or picked up
    • Written communication through email, notes or a daily notebook shared between parents and provider.

  • Ask your provider to post news and activity updates

    • Newsletters - printed handout or delivered via email
    • Website updates
    • Bulletin boards
    • Parent mailboxes

  • Participate in Parent Conferences

    • Attend scheduled parent conferences with your provider
    • Schedule a phone call or meeting if concerns arise or an issue needs to be addressed.