Child Care Aware® of North Dakota is a program
of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota.

Become a Child Care Advocate in Your Community

Child care is an industry, much like the local gas station, clinic or corner store, that provides goods and services in the local community. Economic developers and local leaders play a key role in raising awareness and generating support for child care services in their community.

Things You Can Do to Support Child Care

  • Include Child Care in Community Infrastructure Plans

    When groups talk about housing and transportation, raise the issue of child care as part of the necessary support system of a vibrant community.
    • Invite child care representatives to meetings where infrastructure issues are discussed
    • Invite child care representatives to be a presenter at conferences and events

  • Use Your Influence

    Talk with state and local policymakers about the the important link between an adequate supply of stable, quality child care and economic growth. Educate business leaders on the connection between worker productivity and good, stable child care. Spread the word on how good child care supports school readiness and help to cut costs in K-12 education.
    • Participate in community discussions about early childhood initiatives
    • Write articles or letters to the editor about child care for the local news media or your company's publications
    • Support legislation that strengthens child care

  • Be a Convener

    Use your leadership to convene a community coalition of business leaders and child care leaders to identify strategies that would increase the ability of child care programs to meet
    the community’s child care needs.
    • Participate on a planning committee for a statewide conference that would provide information to state business executives, economic developers, business association leaders, and policy makers
    • Use your influence to persuade local CEO’s and policy makers to attend the conference
    • Survey businesses to identify their child care concerns
    • Provide business demographics to child care representatives

  • Think Creatively

    • Brain storm ways to establish a pool of funds that would support community child care strategies
    • Promote the concept of family friendly work/life policies
    • Identify ways to fund work on business and child care partnerships.